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Merry Candlemas and Happy Groundhog Day!

Let's hope the cute little critter does whatever he needs to to portend an early spring :) I have a strange feeling that no matter what he sees or doesn't see, shadow-wise, winter will still be here into April. Blech...I hate snow on my birthday :P

As for Candlemas...or Imbolc/Imbolg, if your path calls it that, I intend to get out and enjoy the day with one of my close pagan/wiccan friends. *happy sigh* And all worries about whether I got this job or not are just going to have to wait. So says I! =)

I'll probably finish up my D&D character history and that'll finally be all set for Sunday. *dances around* Can't wait! Can't wait!! CAN'T WAIT! =) ....and yet, FEAR. Ravenloft baaaaad :P

Ok, I should probably get dressed and stop dancing around in my towel :P Hope everyone has a wonderful day! *many hugz*
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