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Lalala <-- For lack of a better subject :P

Last night's class was....interesting. We did psychometry as I mentioned before..and then a little more work with totem animals. The psychometry part was amusing because we ALL didn't do well. There was a LOT of laughing resulting from it though, so it wasn't too discouraging. After class I went out and met a new pagan friend at a nearby diner. That was a lot of fun too! =) Hopefully I didn't scare him too much :) *hugz to him*

Today, went out and had lunch with my sister and my dad. (my dad kicks butt!) And around 4pm I'm going out to Fairport to see my best friend from high school, Lisa, who's taking Cosmetology at a school out there. Gonna take my sister along too after she's done with her 'class' thingie today. Gonna get my hair cut I think...although I'm not sure how much. We'll see I guess. If it's a BIG change I'll have to take a new LJ pic and post it or something. :)

Class for tonight got cancelled so I get to hang out with my dad and watch Whose Line... *dances around* That's probably going to be the extent of my day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll know about the job *crosses fingers* :)
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