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It's not HTML...but it'll do

Worked on my homepage a little today and I think I FINALLY have my index page the way I want it. You can check it out here if you like... Just be warned, I put music on it for a change.

Wednesday night I have my last class from Psychic Dev's supposed to be on psychometry (which I'm awful at to begin with) Ah well, sometimes you have it and sometimes ya don't. I'll just concentrate on my tarot stuffies I guess.

As for the job, it's a auto service tech job. Yes, I get to get dirty! *g* I think it might be a nice change from retail...although I'm sure I'll still do a little of that if I get this job. I'm only gonna start out at part-time though...just in case I have a major mishap like last time, at least I won't leave them hanging with a full-time position gap. *whap* way to think positive Kel :P Anyway, until Wednesday this is all pretty much up in the air.

Sunday's D&D!! *g* I know a certain someone that can't wait for the game to start...which worries me since we've discussed ideas over 'Denny's Outings'. I know some of what you're capable of dreaming up, and I fear for my poor lil cleric's life! hehehe Should be fun though, can't wait. (And yes, I'll have my character history for you by tomorrow hopefully)

Well I really should get to bed so I don't mess up my new sleeping schedule after I've went through hell to get it this way. Catch ya's later =) *hugz*
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