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*happy sigh*

Went out....had fun :) Actually, went out...had TOO much fun. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! Ah well, it's becoming a weekly thing lately...not that I'm complaining. Just figure I should be used to the stuff that happens *g* (btw you-know-who, that stone is off my altar now - THANK GODS! I need some normal dreams for a change. You, on the other hand, drank the water so all you'll have are dreams about cops, Krusty Kreme donuts and demonic tables - ROFLMAO!)

Hmm, so for tomorrow's fun I think I'll actually tackle my laundry and work on the MUD zone. Three cheers for giant magical sand castles! I also need to find where mom put my sewing machine so I can sew perty stuffies. =) Got so many other things to do set up my dad's new-improved movie list from hell :P and design the new front walk/garden area & and the patio. Oh! Applied at Barnes & Noble too...mmmMMmm booooooks....employee discount...boooooooks *g* Let's see..what else..oh yeah, gonna start writing again. Some people already know about this, but I'm sharing it with all you lovely peeps that actually read my silly ramblings. Anyhow, that's about it for now. Gotta go get sleepies so I can actually wake up before 3pm. Nite! =)
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