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Fun with tech support...

This was a conversation with a friend of mine recently, strictly for shits n' giggles. =)
We were discussing a intelligence level of some people we play a mud with...

Jeff: but you haven't been ignorant
Jeff: so I don't have a problem with you
Kel: I have my moments, trust me
Jeff: you make more sense than most of the f*cks on the internet
Jeff: everyone does ;p
Jeff: but all your moments aren't those moments :p
Kel: my moments are usually sleep-dep moments :)
Kel: either that, or moments of computer-confusion :)
Jeff: haha
Jeff: :)
Kel: well it's true! =) I don't think computer literate people refer to everything as a 'thingie' like I do :P
Jeff: HAHAHA nod
Kel: I would be a tech support person's worst nightmare :P
Jeff: that's pretty funny :)
Kel: can you imagine it??
Jeff: man...that would be bad :p my thingie isn't doing the thing it's supposed to do
Kel: Me: Hi, I'm having a problem with my puter...the thingie doesn't work right...
Kel: Them: hardware? or software?
Kel: Me: Uhm..whatever thingie makes my cds work
Jeff: haha
Kel: Them: cd rom...
Kel: Me: yeah sure...that thing...cup-holder-type-doo-dad
Kel: Them: is there a cd in it already?
Kel: Me: well yeah...a few actually..lemme check
Kel: Them: What??
Kel: Me: Hang on..ahh yes...alice in chains....metallica..and..what's that?? a pepperoni?
Jeff: hahahaha
Kel: Them: Gack! Hang on a sec. *muffled* hey bill, I need you to take this one...
Kel: Them: Hello, how can I help you?
Kel: Me: my cd thingie isn't working!! don't you people help??
Kel: can see how this would go :P
Jeff: that's some funny shit! :)
Kel: hehehe well I try =)
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